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Motor and strength training

Professional, well-conducted football training should take care of the comprehensive development of the player. This is extremely important, especially in modern football, where small values or small improvements make all the difference. An ambitious footballer will want to develop on all levels, and a wise coach will ensure that he is supported in this. Motor training and strength training, that's what is the key to continuous development and ever better performance. However, expanding training to include these two aspects without specialised equipment can be a hassle. With help comes our range, designed for both motor and strength training, where you will find exercise bands, massage rollers, medicine balls and much more.

Efficient motoric and strength training with the Yakimasport brand.

The Yakimasport company is made up of passionate people for whom there is nothing better than a football match or a developmental workout. We are well aware of how big effects small changes can bring. We are committed to supporting athletes at all levels and to the full extent, which is why our range of football trainers also includes equipment necessary for strength and motor training. We are talking about high-end products, manufactured from durable materials with the utmost precision. We take care of every detail, just like you take care of your training. We cannot predict the outcome of matches or the draw of the tournament ladder, but we know that Yakimasport equipment will serve you for a long time. This we can guarantee.

A wide range from spider elastics to a handy first aid kit - see for yourself

We took a long time to analyse the needs of football clubs, academies, local associations or schools in order to know exactly what should be included in our range. After a lot of trials, research and discussions, we managed to realise the ideal scenario - we have a product catalogue that allows you to plan and carry out full motor and strength training in many variations. Here is what you will find in our range, among other things:

- speed training elastic - made of durable material;
- spider-type strength training elastic - 4-part, increasing strength and positively influencing acceleration;
- rubber bands and fitness bands - a wide range of equipment useful for general training;
- rollers, massage balls - various shapes and types of equipment favouring faster recovery;
- medicine balls - made of thick rubber with synthetic sand.

Additionally, we offer skipping ropes, stability berets, first aid kits and other products useful in motor or strength training. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the products available in this category.

High-quality training rubbers, massage balls and more - train with Yakimasport

Quality and functionality are two things we pay special attention to. Choose from hundreds of products, and if you have any questions -. call or write. We will be happy to answer them and help you with your selection. Place your bets on Yakimasport to enjoy successful workouts. We look forward to welcoming you.