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Football walls, wall stands
In order to carry out football training so that players' skills develop quickly, it is not only necessary to have a pitch with two goals. Specialised equipment for football enthusiasts also includes football walls. If you want to reach a masterful level of your game or are involved in coaching young football students, check out the walls and wall stands available in the Yakimasport online shop.
What are football walls?
Football walls are barriers that mimic the appearance of players. Their height and silhouette resembles that of a human player. During training, multiple football walls are usually used to maximise the training benefits and increase the difficulty of the exercises. Using walls, players can practice free kicks and practice the fixed elements of the game on their own. Football walls are used during the training of professional and amateur teams.
Yakimasport offers various models of football walls suitable for training for people of different ages and skill levels. The proposed products are characterised by exceptional durability. They are not intimidated by various extreme weather circumstances, as well as damage and abrasions caused during training. Thanks to their precise embedding in the turf, they will not shift during play. A well-matched, age-appropriate model of football wall will be safe to use during practice and play for the players.
Football walls at Yakimasport - choose the right model
At Yakimasport, we offer models made of different materials. For example, you can opt for an inflatable, three-dimensional self-standing wall. Its height corresponds to the average height of a football player during a jump and is 2.05 metres. The football wall is suitable for use on grass pitches, Eagles and indoor fields. It does not need to be driven into the grass. Its lower chamber is filled with water, so it maintains an upright form. For junior groups training their skills in football academies, there is an inflatable football wall model with a height of 175 centimetres.
The Elite inflatable football wall is made of extremely durable rubber-plastic material of excellent quality. It is highly resistant to damage. When hit by the ball, the wall bends, cushioning the impact and returns to its previous position. You can order football wall bases for this model.
For those looking for a model created from a very robust material, we recommend the metal wall with a height of 180 centimetres.
Choose sturdy football walls from Yakimasport and conduct your training at the highest level!