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If you are looking for equipment that will perfectly complement your regular training sessions - making the exercises both more interesting and more effective, rebounders can be a good choice. With them, older and younger football adepts, professionals and enthusiasts alike will improve their speed and accuracy of shots and striking power. Check out the suggestions available at Yakimasport and decide on the best model for you!

Rebounder - what is this equipment?

A Rebounder is a football trainer that takes the form of a net used to bounce the ball. It will make for interesting and effective training for both junior and senior teams. It can be used in stadiums and football schools, as well as in the garden as a toy for children.

With the help of the rebounder, players will have the opportunity to practice accuracy, passing, receiving the ball, head shots and ball control. The rebounder also allows players to improve their foot placement during passes and shots, practising their reflexes, speed and coordination. If you want to take the skills of the team you are training to a new level and improve the players' technique, get rebounders.

We were the first on the Polish market to introduce the rebounder to our offer in 2011. This device quickly gained popularity and started to be used by football clubs belonging to all leagues.

Rebounder models at Yakimasport

Among the Yakimasport rebounders you will find models that stand out:

  • extraordinary durability due to the manufacture of the products from high-quality materials,

  • total mobility, thanks to which a rebounder can be easily folded and placed in the boot,

  • the possibility to use them both on artificial or natural turf and in the hall.

At Yakimasport we offer not only single rebounders, but also double or triple rebounders. A double rebounder allows two people to train at the same time. A triple rebounder allows players to train their skills in a more varied way than a single rebounder.

We also offer a rebounder designed to train goalkeepers. It is equipped with a rebounder wall with two handles to hold the ball. Thanks to the ability to hold the rebounder in the hands, the trainer can easily change the angle of the rebound of the ball. The proposed model is also easy to transport.

Choose professional football equipment from a Polish manufacturer - football walls, wall stands and rebounders - and conduct training at the highest level!