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Combat sports accessories

Development is extremely important in both sport and business. We are aware of this, which is why we have expanded our product catalogue to include professional combat sports accessories. This is an important step which will allow us to significantly increase the range of our brand, which makes us incredibly pleased and motivates us to continue. Equipment intended for combat sports - like any with the Yakimasport logo - is characterised by the highest precision of manufacture, attention to every detail. We apply this approach already at the stage of designing accessories such as boxing gloves or protectors, so you can enjoy equipment of the highest quality.

Yakimasport - your support in combat sports.

We do not recognise half-measures, which is why we decided to prepare a wide collection of combat sports accessories from the very beginning. The proposed products will allow you to plan a dynamic and engaging training, but will also provide proper support during competitions. We want everyone to know that they can count on our products, whatever stage they are at. Importantly, we are well aware that combat sports carry a significant risk of injury. Virtually any sparring can end in a fracture, bruise or other injury. For this reason, our boxing accessories: gloves, training shields, protectors and other products undergo rigorous testing so that you know you are properly protected when using them. Exactly as you should be.

Boxing bags, pears, gloves and bandages - check out the Yakimasport product catalogue

When training, you need to feel comfortable in your sports equipment. Whether it's gloves, a helmet or shields - your training comfort translates into progress. So it makes sense to choose high-end boxing training accessories designed and manufactured by specialists. If you think the same, check out what we have prepared for you:

  • boxing gloves - ergonomic, durable, made of natural or synthetic leather. Available in men's and women's versions;

  • tournament and training boxing helmets - comfortable, made of durable materials. Designed to protect you from injury;

  • training shields - good cushioning, top quality, made of leather;

  • boxing bags - perfect for martial arts clubs, suitable for punching power training as well as fitness sessions;

  • tibia protectors - lightweight, great for absorbing punches;

  • Boxing bandages (wraps) - durable, good value for money.

We also offer boxing pears, torso protectors or jaw protectors. See for yourself that we have a complete range.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are among the basic equipment if you train combat sports or are planning to start such an adventure. They will protect your hands from injury. They are also important for the safety of your opponent. This is because they reduce potential injuries to the face and skull during a punch. So take a look at all the models on offer at Yakimasport and choose the one that suits your current needs and level of expertise.

Boxing bandages

In addition to gloves, boxing bandages are important during training and fights. They protect the hands and wrists from injury and also stabilise the hand. However, they need to be fitted carefully.

Boxing helmets

With a boxing helmet you will protect your skull, cheekbones and chin from injury during a fight. You can also opt for a model that additionally protects your nose. If you want to take care of your health, you must fit the helmet precisely to your head. The helmet should fit snugly and not move around, so as not to expose you to the risk of injury.

Tibial and foot protectors

Tibia and foot protectors are used not only in combat sports, but also in strength sports and crossfit. They provide excellent protection for the tibias against them hitting a bench, barbell or other object and damaging them.

Combat sports equipment you can trust

Yakimasport is a customer-focused brand. This has always been the case and continues to be the case. That's why we've created combat sports accessories that will keep you properly protected, give you a complete workout and improve your skills. You can trust us.

If you are just planning to start your adventure with combat sports and are not able to professionally select the right equipment, we invite you to contact us. We will help you decide on the products that will best protect you from injury and loss of health and ensure comfortable training.