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Boxing bags, boxing pears
In the Yakimasport offer you will find boxing bags and pears designed for people of different ages and levels of skill. We offer models suitable not only for adult combat sports enthusiasts, but also for young people and children. See all our products and decide on the best one for you.
Boxing bags - for whom?
Boxing bags are indispensable when practising combat sports - they are used by people training boxing, MMA, kick-boxing, karate or taekwondo. This equipment can be found in almost every sports club. Combat sports enthusiasts with a larger space may decide to purchase a punching bag and place it in a chosen location. This will give them the opportunity to develop their skills at any time.
Boxing bags are ideal for training professional athletes, as well as for those wishing to shape their figure and strengthen their muscles. The bags are also an instrument with which to get rid of the tension associated with school or work.
What size and weight of a bag?
Bag size
The size of the boxing bag should be chosen according to the level of your skills, strength and available space. Beginners should opt for a model that can be hung in a small garage or house - for example, one that is 100, 130 or 150 centimetres high. Advanced martial arts enthusiasts can opt for a boxing bag with a height of 180 centimetres.
Weight of the bag
The weight of the punching bag is of considerable importance when it comes to the quality of training. In order not to lead to injury or a more serious injury, a beginner should opt for a model with a lighter weight. Without practising proper punching technique, it is easy to suffer a sudden, unpleasant injury. A heavier bag will be a good choice for those whose skills are at a high level or those who want to train kicks.
Why train with a boxing bag?
When training with a professional boxing bag, don't forget gloves to prevent minor injuries and more dangerous injuries. With well-conducted boxing bag training:
  • You will improve your fitness - exercising with the bag improves coordination and speed, increases muscle strength and endurance and burns calories. Therefore, boxing bag exercises are not only suitable for boxing trainees, but also for those wishing to improve their fitness.

  • Improve your fighting technique - the punching bag allows you to train the correct method of delivering punches, improving technique and movement coordination.

  • Increase the power of your punches - regular training will strengthen your muscles, which will have a positive impact on the power of your punches.

  • Unload your energy - the boxing bag is also an excellent tool when it comes to getting rid of negative emotions and stress.

  • You will feel more confident when fighting in the ring - if you are a martial arts fighter, by developing the right punching power and technique, you will increase your confidence in the ring.

Boxing bags - models available at Yakimasport
Boxing bag - Giant pearl
At Yakimasport we offer various models of boxing bags - both in the form of traditional bags and pears. If you are looking for a sizable bag, we recommend the giant pearl boxing bag, which you can use to practice hook and chin punches, among other things. It is worth choosing this model if you want to supplement your standard bag training.
Natural leather bag
The natural leather bag is a very durable model that will last for many years of regular training. The product is filled with textile offcuts and pellets. Thanks to these materials, the bag is characterised by high hardness.
Boxing sack 150x40 cm
With a height of 150 centimetres and a circumference of 120 centimetres, the boxing sack can be used both at home and in a sports hall. It is a model that many people like to choose for their flats, houses and small home gyms.
Boxing pears
Boxing pears usually have smaller dimensions than bags. They are approximately 25 centimetres in diameter and 35 centimetres in height. As a result, they are ideal for use at home. In addition, they are an interesting substitute for athletes training with a more standard boxing bag.
With the boxing pear, you will learn punches, improve hand-eye coordination and speed. So if you want your movements to become more fluid, be sure to invest in a boxing pear. When training with this accessory, you don't need the support of other people. So you can train at any time.
Choose the right boxing pouch for you and train your punching power in complete comfort in your own home!