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Training equipment

Effective football training is something that both footballers and coaches care about. Young athletes in particular should strive to make every training session as productive as possible. The recipe for this is, first and foremost, commitment on the part of the players, but also high-quality training equipment that is tailored to the needs - the age of the players, the plays being honed or the tactical training objectives. The Yakimasport brand has prepared a wide range of professional football trainers to help you plan and carry out developing training units. We are here to give you support on your journey to mastery - from an early age, through all stages of development.

Yakimasport, or premium football trainers

At the beginning of our business, we set ourselves one goal, to produce training equipment of the highest quality that will serve our customers for many seasons. It's a difficult task, especially given the intensity of training sessions, but it was the only approach that made sense in our eyes. Today - more than 11 years later - we can proudly say that we have done it. Yakimasport's products stand for quality with years of work behind them. So if you're looking for high-performance football trainers that are perfect for planning and conducting extremely interesting and engaging training sessions, you've come to the right place.

Rebounder, folding goal or coordination ladder - which do you choose?

We know our business and we know what good football training is all about. That's why our range is extremely broad, so that you don't have to reach for equipment from other manufacturers. With us, you'll get everything you need - guaranteed. Among the training equipment on offer, you will find:

- rebounders - designed for technical training of both field players and goalkeepers;
- footballs - extremely durable, for seniors and children, e.g. foam balls;
- folding goals - durable and practical in a variety of sizes;
- walls - with and without springs, extremely durable;
- ladders, hurdles, coordination wheels - a must for training speed, agility and broadly defined motor coordination;
- cones, islands, markers - everything you need to make your training go smoothly.

This is, of course, only part of our range. We also offer tactical boards, volleyball kits and much, much more. Whether you're talking about local football clubs, academies or other types of sporting endeavour - everyone will find complete training equipment with us.

Goal, rebounder, football - reach for Yakimasport training equipment.

The Yakimasport brand is your support for effective football training. Using our goals, markers, rebounders and other products, you will carry out an engaging, effective and interesting football training. We strongly encourage you to make a purchase. Also remember that we remain at your disposal, if you have any questions, don't wait, just contact us. Until we hear from you!