Substitution / Extra Time Boards Football/Soccer Substitute Board - double sided

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Brand: Yakima

Reference: 100305

EAN-13: 5906718236630

Weight: 3.25 KG

Shipping cost from zł24.99

Electronic substitution changing boards - double-sided

model: S04469 INOUT-8

- duplex
- letters height: 23.5cm (visibility around 100m)
- LED brightness 6000 cd / m2, lifetime over 2 million views
- colors: green and red
- place for sponsor's logo (45x8cm)
- built-in battery (100% charged enough for about 150 views)
- battery check function
- battery safe function (auto off after prolonged inactivity)
- included with the charger
- dimensions: 55 x 36 x 4cm
- weight: 3.25kg
- 2 years warranty

Product code: 100305
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