Apie įmonę


Yakimasport is a leading manufacturer of football training accessories. Our offer includes training equipment and football goals. Our purpose is to provide high-quality modern training equipment that will allow you to conduct interesting and developing trainings that will help improve skills of the players. By using our products during everyday training on the pitch, appropriate motor skills, technique and strength maybe enhanced. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional player, it is a good choice to equip yourself with our specialized sports accessories. Thanks to them you will quickly make progress and acheive a higher sports level. Professional and amateur football clubs, national teams and provincial football associations, as well as many academies and football schools train on our equipment. Thanks to us, each training will bring you closer to the championship. We are happy to invite you to get to know our offer.

Combat sports equipment in Yakimasport

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we decided to expand our offer. In addition to football accessories and equipment for football fields, you can also buy boxing gloves and other elements necessary during martial arts training. We also offer combat sports equipment used to ensure the safety of competitors. The martial arts equipment we offer works well during everyday training as well as during sparring.It is more and more often chosen by professional boxers both for training and performances at fist gala events.