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A net-foot set for natural turf and hard surfaces (Orlik or a hall).

    Diverse, thoughtful and engaging training is the key to developing football skills. 
It can be perfectly complemented by the games of the popular volleyball, which - which is
important especially in the junior sections - introduces an element of fun to everyday sports
activities. The Yakimasport net-leg set is the best possible choice. The proposed set is intended for use on natural turf and hard surface such as Orlik or a hall.
It will allow for the efficient organization of both volleyball meetings and individual exercises
based on this popular game. It is worth remembering that this type of activities intensively develops
the basic skills of controlling the ball, necessary during professional games. It will be appreciated
especially by younger players, for whom the development of technique is particularly important.
We are convinced that the offered volleyball set will prove itself during professional and
amateur training - it will diversify and supplement it. The most important advantages of the Yakimasport net leg set are: made of durable materials with attention to detail; size that allows even five-person teams to play; mesh height - 75 cm mesh width - 6 m, black and blue; practical bag for carrying and storing equipment included. Enjoy your shopping.

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