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Free Kick Wall PRO 180 cm

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Football wall PRO 180 cm - NYLON

Set pieces training? Working on ball handling? This and much, much more is 
possible with our football wall PRO 180cm. In fact, we cannot imagine a
complete and developing training without this equipment. It will work well
for both professional and amateur teams, regardless of the level of games
or the age of players. Football has changed a lot in recent years. Set pieces of the game gained in
importance. Today you have to be able to play them in many variants, and above
all, to perform effectively, especially free throws. Similarly, the pace of the
game has increased, and the efficient ball handling allows players to find
themselves in small spaces. No wonder the training has also changed.
The Soccer Wall allows you to plan an engaging, efficient training unit in
which the desired skills will be strengthened. Juniors should already work
with this type of equipment, which fortunately is a standard in professional
academies. What are the main advantages of the PRO 180 cm football wall? resistance to damage - Made of modern material - nylon. As a result,
the wall is light in its structure and at the same time very resistant to
ball hits; When hit by a ball, the wall bends to cushion the impact and returns to
its previous position; we enable you to buy a special trolley that will allow you to use the wall
on an artificial surface or in a hall; the wall is available in red; the price applies to a single character with a height of 180 cm. Organize interesting trainings and develop the skills of your pupils. If you want to know more about the Yakimasport football wall - contact us. We are happy to answer any question. We invite It is possible to buy a rubber stand, which allows you to use the wall on an artificial surface or in a hall. Product code: 100390

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