Double Rebounder

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Double rebounder

Modern and, above all, effective training requires appropriate equipment. 
Each training unit should

be as engaging as possible, and Yakimasport rebounders can help.
The proposed model is equipment intended for both professionals and amateurs.
It will allow to develop the player's technique, so important in today's football. The double rebounder is an equipment designed for training goalkeepers and field
players. It allows two people to train at the same time. It can be part of
any training session, be it juniors or senior teams. With its use, we will quickly improve
the players' technique, which will translate into a better game. The rebounder allows you
to improve the reception of the ball in a relatively short time, improve the position of
the foot during the pass and shot. What's more, training with him will affect motor
coordination and the player's ability to position himself at the moment of receiving
the ball. In today's football, it is an essential equipment for every training group. The double rebounder from Yakimasport is distinguished by, among others: above-average durability resulting from the use of high-quality materials; maximum mobility - the rebounder is foldable, so it easily fits into the trunk; versatility - the equipment can be used indoors, on artificial and natural turf. Includes pegs for attaching the rebounder to natural turf. Equipped with reinforced rubbers holding the net and thick 32 mm frames. The Orlik Rebounder measures 110 x 110 cm. If you have any questions, please feel
free to contact us. We are happy to tell you about the possibilities offered by the
proposed equipment. We invite. Product code: 100189

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