Bounce wall, rebounder, wall 150cm x 40cm

Dimensions: 150cm x 40cm.
Weight: 25kg - makes the product is stable.
✅ Foldable back.
VAT included
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Bouncing wall 150cm x 40cm

The bouncing ball training wall is an indispensable device for football players to improve their ball bouncing skills, shot precision and reaction speed. This innovative design was created for professionals as well as amateur footballers who want to take their skills to the next level.

Our bouncing ball training wall is made of durable materials that provide long-lasting durability. It features a bouncing surface that simulates various match situations. This allows players to hone their skills in various aspects of the game, such as ball control, precision passing and reacting to unpredictable situations.

Our bouncing ball training wall is easy to assemble and convenient to use. It can be set up both on the pitch and in the garden or backyard. It is compact and portable, allowing you to train anywhere, anytime.

Regardless of your skill level, the wall is the ideal tool to improve your technique and reflexes. Take your game to the next level with our professional and durable wall.

- O
resilient to resistant to damage and weather conditions. weather conditions. Made from MDF.

- Dimensions approx. 150x40cm.
Weight: 25 kg. - makes the product is stable
Black painted wall
Foldable back
Holes in the wall for easy carrying.

product code: 100682

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